Jennifer English


My Clients expect the best, as they should when hiring a professional. It’s what they deserve and so I make it a promise to be what I deliver.


I adhere to The Golden Rule which is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated oneself. No matter the price range, whether buying/selling/leasing/inquiry only, I treat every client with great care. And I remain close, accessible, and readily available at all times, be it in person, by phone or by email. By doing so I receive my client’s greatest compliment, their confident referral of me to family, friends and colleagues.


For the most part taking a “no pressure” stand is one of the leading aspects to my approach. With one exception, when I'm negotiating a deal on behalf of my client. Then it’s knowing the right amount of pressure and when to apply it. I do.


More and more the world of real estate is driven by technology with the internet, mobile devices, apps, virtual tours, interactive floor plans, electronic signatures and of course, social media. I have the skills and expertise to meet these demands and use technology to the advantage of my clients.