Jennifer English

Property of the Week ... 347 Sorauren Ave #216

13 February 2017
Jennifer English

It's Valentine's Day and nothing says LOVE quite like this Property of the Week!

A Seller's Perspective … To Inspect or Not to Inspect?! This is the question.

08 February 2017
Jennifer English

Following an earlier post which asked this question from a buyer’s perspective – here’s the seller’s quandary! We already know multiple bids keep on keeping on so todays sellers, with the guidance of their Realtor®, need to decide on a marketing strategy for selling their home. Part of that decision is whether to have a Pre-Listing Inspection completed before the house actually hits the market. Enter quandary – the reasons for doing this have certain advantages and also come with potential disadvantages.

Property of the Week ... 68 Broadview Ave. #230

03 February 2017
Jennifer English

When am I, oops I mean you! When are you moving in?!?

A Buyer’s Perspective … To Inspect or Not to Inspect?! This is the question.

24 January 2017
Jennifer English

Multiple bids are here to stay and so too the dilemma’s they present for buyers, particularly those buyers new to property ownership. One of those such dilemma’s … the home inspection. If the condition is included in the offer inevitably the chances of a buyer being the successful bidder are, well, slim to none. What’s a buyer to do?! Thankfully, there is an option.

Property of the Week ... 438 King St. W. #1311

23 January 2017
Jennifer English

This beauty speaks to my minimalist nature!